Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Back Soon

Just resorting and back shortly....:)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Why I was such a good catch, for the romantics among you

Now those that know me can recognise that I'm an old romantic at heart.
On Valentines day I let the missus bring me a nice cup of tea in bed. It makes her happy to do that and so why should I spoil it for her. I like to get her to open the curtains so that she can see the plants outside the window which is far more romantic than buying red roses. Chocolates will only make her fatter than she already is, so she wouldn't want them anyway and I'm not going to tempt her.

As far as a card is concerned then I'm happy for her to get me one if she really wants to but I don't buy her one as I always tell her that I don't need to send a card on one day of the year just to tell her I love her.

Many people like to go and enjoy a meal together in some candle lit restaurant but I think that is commercialism gone mad. Instead, I tell her it is far more romantic to get a pre made curry in from ASDA with all the trimmings which she can then prepare and I can wash it down with a few cans of the amber nectar.

Now, I have come to realise that the light emanating from the TV and the flickery effect is very reminiscent of a candle, So watching the football actually adds to the atmosphere of my romantic Valentines evening.

I realise that there are some of you that don't have partners that treat you like mine does me, but it has taken a great deal of time, and this level of devotion comes from years of training. It's not done in five minutes although sometimes you may be tricked in the early days into believing that it will be like that....

For those of you without any partners at all then I don't want to rub it in but it's not always due to your looks. Sometimes it can be your personality that is preventing you from having a partner. Anyway I wish you a nice and happy evening alone. There is no reason why you can't celebrate it by yourself because I know if it was me, I'd only need a mirror for my perfect evening.

Like I said I'm an old romantic at heart and my missus wouldn't know what to do without me and so each year Valentines day reminds her of that and just how lucky she is. I don't want to spoil that for her and so I join in with it all and do my bit, just as I have already explained.....So to all you people that dismiss Valentines days as the height of decadent and vulgar commercialism then think again.....

Happy Valentines day.....